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Uniflow - Print Management Solutions

What is uniFLOW?

uniFLOW is a software application platform designed to bring the full value of Canon MFD’s to your organisation.

The modular structure of uniFLOW file output supervisor and the tight integration with Canon devices allows the system to be built depending upon the organisation’s exact requirements. By controlling both the print and scanning procedures of the MFD, uniFLOW enables the IT manager to administer one system with one set of user accounts and one database, basically a standard managed print service

The users have a smooth interaction with the Canon printer, having the ability to access all features without learning a new user interface or needing to re-authenticate whenever they wish to use a brand-new function. This makes the system remarkably easy to use and increases the organisation’s performance.

All printing and copying, together with the associated expenses can be tracked and kept.

The integrated in reporting system allows the administrator or finance department to see and manage how much each printer and user is costing the company.Uniflow

Users can submit personal tasks from their desktops or any mobile device which are then held centrally on a print server. Users can go to any printer or MFD (multifunctional device) from any maker in any location with the knowledge that their job will be printed safely.

User performance is increased by enabling users to send and release tasks via their smart phone or other mobile gadget. Users can also be given various gain access to rights to use different functions of the device depending on their job role.

Particular users might only be allowed to copy in black and white where others can copy in colour. For maximum security, an image record of every copy, print, fax or scan performed on the Canon gadget can be saved and examined for keywords or understood file structures.

Printer near to the users are convenient however expensive to run. uniFLOW can be set up to enable users to print little jobs on the laser printer but will ask to move the task to the more affordable Canon device or safe print line once it is over a certain size.

Jobs can have their finishing choices changed depending upon certain guidelines, for instance emails are always printed in black and white while large documents are always double sided, decreasing expenses and waste. Utilizing paper and the info included on it stays a crucial part of every user’s day-to-day work. uniFLOW permits users to scan files straight to their e-mail accounts, network folders or file management systems such as Microsoft SharePoint in the form of extremely compressed image files.

Gather safe jobs from any printer One downside of utilizing a multi function device rather than a local printer is that somebody might wrongly select up another user’s print job. Users can send jobs directly to the safe print line or they can be routed from desktop printers.

Users working outside the office or business network can send out jobs to the safe and secure print queue through e-mail, through an internet website or straight from their mobile device. As the users can choose any printer on the network to launch the task, regardless of design or producer, the uniFLOW Universal Printer Driver makes sure that the output is precisely as the user expects.

When the users are ready to collect their safe and secure print tasks, they need to confirm at the printer utilizing a proximity card, smart card, magnetic swipe card, PIN number, fingerprint or username and password. A list of tasks.