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Do you operate in a big office?

Does printing typically get unpleasant (and expensive) with too many users and misprints?

Searching for an environment-friendly service?

Are you in desperate requirement of an “simple button: that will strive for you?

Excellent news: Equitrac uses an environmentally accountable, industrious, efficient alternative to your office’s current managed print service printing system. With increased security, the capability to verify users, and smart features, Equitrac can turn your workplace’s printing problems around.

Control Your Output Environment

Equitrac Office provides crucial benefits for big business. This ingenious output management option enables you to keep track of document-related activities on the network, immediately implement rules, verify users, safeguard sensitive files and decrease lost paper and toner.

Save and Recover Costs

Equitrac Office produces a unified view of print, copy and scan activity for all the gadgets on your network– so you can easily identify savings opportunities. This is one of the unique attributes to secure printing software

  • Impose guidelines for color output or duplex printing, consistently and automatically.
  • Redirect print tasks from desktop printers to multifunctional products (MFPs) with lower cost-per-page.
  • Recover thousands of dollars in output costs with precise cost accounting that designates private task costs to particular users, departments, customers or job codes.
  • License all users and develop permission-based access to systems and functions.
  • Track expenses by fi le size, paper size, media type, color or duplexing.
  • Change prices for various groups of users.

Increase Document Security

Equitrac Office employs user authentication and mobile printing to guarantee the security of every print, copy and scan job.

  • User authentication develops an audit trail, so you can see who printed what file at what time, on which device.
  • Follow-You ® Printing holds documents in a protected server up until users authenticate– so documents are never left unattended in an output tray.
  • On embedded platforms, authentication takes place at the gadget’s control panel with no extra hardware to keep and support.
  • Mount the Equitrac Page Counter terminal directly on a gadget for authentication by means of magnetic stripe cards and contactless smart cards.
  • Increase user movement and benefit while reinforcing security.

Prevent Output Waste

With its mix of automatic rules enforcement and Follow-You Printing, Equitrac Office can help companies decrease wasted paper and toner.

  • Let users select print tasks by hand from the protected line, enabling them to erase duplicates and jobs sent out by mistake.
  • Instantly delete any jobs that are deserted in the print queue, prior to they are printed.
  • Impose duplex printing to substantially lower paper usage, and enforce black-and-white printing to decrease color toner intake.
  • Support company-wide sustainability efforts.Do you operate in a big office?

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