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Follow-me, centralised printing or ‘protected print’ or managed print services as the technology is likewise referred to, ensures that documents are just ever printed when they are ‘requested’ or ‘pulled’ from a provided device by a licensed user, so they are never left stacking up unclaimed and can be collected from anywhere is most convenient or quickest for that specific user. Those individual user benefits, for any organisation, follow-me printing is a straightforward method to cut paper waste, spread printing concerns and improve document security.

In many common printing environments without follow-me printing capabilities, users themselves decide exactly where they want to print a file while still at their workstation. Or maybe a user picks the closest device which also happens to be the most popular; and so important time is spent at the printer while other users’ tasks are being executed. Follow-me printing can attend to each of these problems.

Follow-Me Printing

By staging and compartmentalising the printing process, follow-me printing can effectively remove the problems detailed above as well as the associated monetary and time expenses. Unlike standard printing, where a user is networked straight to a device, follow-me printing deploys a print server in between gadgets and users’ tasks. Where as ordinarily, when a user selects ‘print’ the task will start to be processed instantly by a picked printer, follow-me printing very first sends the task to a print server. It is only when a user approaches a given gadget, which can be any mfd on the network for which that user has permission that the task is ‘pulled’ from the server, where it has been momentarily kept and carried out, ‘as needed’, there and then. To pull a task (or jobs) from a gadget, depending on the hardware set up, users either type in a specific ID code to determine themselves, or if a card reader has been installed on a device, place their ID cards on the card sensing unit or swipe their cards, where there is a magnetic reader set up.

Outside of the specific circumstances described above, the many benefits of a follow-me printing system are as follows:

Enhanced Document Security

Among the major advantages of follow-me printing is the significantly higher levels of security it can provide, when compared to more traditional printing arrangements. Security is in truth one of the most regularly mentioned factors for organisations making the shift to follow-me printing setups.

As users are needed to be at a device for their print job( s) to be processed, follow-me printing can virtually eliminate the issue of lost printed documents. Moreover, whether a user gathers their task utilizing an ID card or rather identifies him/herself with a PIN logon, the follow-me printing system can guarantee that just the licensed user is able to pick-up the jobs which they’ve sent. And as print jobs are not performed unless they are ‘pulled’ from a gadget by a user, there’s far less risk of your more sensitive or specifically crucial files being seen by unauthorized individuals or being unintentionally carried away with another person’s printing.

Lastly, the majority of the more commonly-used follow-me printing options offer a high level of data Encryption so that documents remain entirely safe and secure while they remain in digital form. This makes sure that if your printer network becomes victim of an unapproved attack, all jobs on the print server remain safe and safe.

Greater Accountability

The apparent expense savings which come from removing those unneeded print jobs which remain unclaimed on a device, a follow-me printing option can supply organisations with the powers to present much higher levels of user accountability. As all print tasks pass through the follow-me print server and always stay linked to an offered user ID, follow-me printing provides administrators with highly centralised management control and the ability to assign expenses per user, by expense centre, department, project or by a particular cost code or printer. By budgeting your printing with such ways, if there’s a particular department or even an individual within a company routinely going beyond print spending plans, this can be redressed immediately upon setting up a follow-me printing service.

A More Streamlined Printing Environment

From the day of setting-up a follow-me printing option, the printing environment ends up being a lot more flexible. As users are needed to be present at devices for tasks to be performed, there are never those lines at any one specific machine. If a printing device is processing other tasks, a user can just carry on to identify him/her self at an alternative gadget, for which she or he is licensed.

Follow-me printing, as mentioned previously, provides administrators with far higher controls. Policy and rules-based printing makes sure print resources are protected from excessive usage, according to a company’s own pre-determined requirements. Lots of follow-me printing plans such as Ringdale even provide administrators with an interface for programming their own custom policies. As providing the possibility for typical savings of between 10% and 15%, follow-me printing makes it possible for organisations to take greater responsibility of their ecological dedications. Not just does cutting excess printing lower a company’s costs however undoubtedly, through lower paper, ink and electrical energy use, it likewise saves money on energy and natural deposits too.

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